DDoS Attack Protection ensures that the performance of your website and application's internet traffic is protected in moments of danger.

DDoS Protection Package is designed to prevent malicious attacks on our customers' internet traffic.

Your Benefits

High Efficiency

Thanks to the IN-Line DDoS service, Layer 3-4 and 7 attacks are mitigated in the first seconds. In addition, thanks to the Mitigated DDoS attacks, it provides a speed increase in the responses to the requests.

Relevant Costs

Avoid from extra costs and maintenance after DDoS attacks to your servers.

Easy Manageable System

Analyze of the increase/decrease performance of your systems in real time. Also provide optionally list your daily, weekly and monthly DDoS attacks you get.

ddos protection ddos protection method


Please contact our corporate customer representative for a DDoS Protection Service offer suitable for you.


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